Fortcraft APK Download 2019

I think this is the era of phone games. As the smartphones have gotten advanced, many new mobile phone games have also come up. There are so many of these games and also very engrossing. The games have increased their user accessibility in more advanced ways. The developers have seen the popularity of the Famous Clash of Clans and many of them trying copying the same idea. The idea of battle, war, guns and socializing over the game. The similar uprising has been seen by the PUBG makers last year. The game is similar to that of CoC and involves making of clans and fighting the battles together. The games have not only increased the friendliness among the people but also increased the inter-continental friendships. There are many clans that have people from all over the globe fighting for a single cause as opposed to the reality. These games are also known as Survival games and give the player a day to the day life experience of a soldier.

There is another game of the same sort that has seen the uprising. This game is Fortnite Battle Royale. This is being released by the Epic Games for the Android and Apple operating system soon. This is anticipated to be one of the finest game in the history of the all the Mobile Games till now. Since the game is still not released, there have been many smaller companies like NetEase that have launched their own version of the game. They have the same graphics and the player accessibility as is supposed to be in the original version of the game.


But you should not confuse FortCraft for a pirated version of the original game. It is just the version that has lesser-known developers. It is a good option until the original version of the game is released. This survival game includes a unique style of play. You and the 99 others are sent to a deserted island by an airplane. Thus, begins your quest of surviving daily. This is the game of effort of survival for the existence in the deserted island. With no safe place on the island, the map of survival shrinks gradually. But the twist of the game is that out of 100 people only one of them can survive. It requires the tactics and the skills to beautifully conquer the quest for life.

Download Fortcraft APK

This game helps you to build the military bases and conduct the classic gunfights. You need strategy and time to make the perfect plans, gathering material and conduct the construction process. You have to collect each item from guns to food to keep the character above.

This game will provide you a very lifelike experience. You will learn to cajole, make connections and in short, you will learn to survive. FortCraft apk can be downloaded from this link. The game is absolutely free. You can download it on your phone and on your Pc. The developers have promised to give you the best experience of gaming, something so great that you will get hooked to it.


The first thing that pops up in our mind when we listen to Coke and Popcorn is The Movies. So that’s what this site provided us. The website allowed the users to stream the latest movies at no cost. But recently it was shut down (on account to a pirated website). There has been a lot of fuss about what to do now for online streaming? Obviously, there is Netflix and Amazon but they charge quite a sum and have limited offerings compared to Coke & Popcorns.

Don’t worry! There are ample alternatives available on the wide world of the Internet. I decided to check a few of them and believe they are not disappointing. So here I am sharing some of the best alternatives to stream movies. Amazingly these are FREE!!

  • POPCORNFLIX- the name very much similar to coke and popcorn, these provide with the Hollywood movies from almost all the genres. From horror to comedy there is not a single movie you wouldn’t find there. Also, its great site for TV buffs. There are millions of movies and TV shows to browse from.
  • CRUNCHYROLL- this site is dedicated to anime shows. For all the big fans of Japanese comics like the Manga series, this is the one stop where all your anime cravings will satisfy. The site boasts to have more than 25000 Japanese Anime Movies.
  • PUTLOCKER- this website also has a plethora of Hollywood movies and Shows. Along with streaming you can also download movies and enjoy them offline. The daily update their list of movies.
  • BIG STAR MOVIES- if you are into quality content movies, this site can prove gold to you. There are hundreds of short films, indie movies, documentaries, and award-winning movies. Big star also allows you to stream on Smart TV, Amazon Fire TV stick, etc.
  • VIEWSTER- this site lets you stream with Hollywood movies and TV shows along with the content movies. They have a wide range of movies and TV shows but also have lacunae of short films, indie movies, and award-winning documentaries. These are updated daily so you always have a new list of movies to stream.
  • solarmovie- the website is recommended highly by many experts because of one major advantage to users. The users do not need to register or log in to watch their favorite TV shows and movies. That means no more email spamming or unwanted calls from the website call center. However, there is a geographical restriction and can be blocked in your region.
  • NETFLIX- the website needs no introduction. The company has grown substantially all over the world. Even though it is not entirely free, the website gives an option to browse free for a month. But you should go to Netflix only for the exclusive shows because otherwise, they offer limited Hollywood movies and TV shows.
  • VUMOO.LI- they have an interface very much similar to that of Netflix. But unlike that, you get an option to stream movies from a huge library and that too in HD. They have categorized the movies on the basis of IMDB ratings so you get choose the best among the set of some very good movies. In my opinion, this is the BEST alternative to Coke and Popcorn.
  • SNAGFILMS- the website has a collection of the classic cinema. Most of the movie fans love the old Hollywood movies like the Godfather Trilogy. So if you are also a huge classics buff, you can stream these movies for free here on this website.
  • Yts- this is my personal favourite. Even though I have both Netflix and Amazon Prime subscription, every now and then I browse movies on YTS. They have almost all the movies irrespective of genres. Search the movie and I guarantee they will the movie for you available in 340,720 or 1040 pixels. However, this site is banned in some of the countries due to piracy issues.
  • FMOVIES- I know the website because I have streamed the entire Game of Thrones Season 7 on this website. It has zero glitches, has a good quality HD picture quality and doesn’t pop up ads in between streaming. Although, I also watched Doctor Strange and the streaming experience did not do justice as my last one. It’s been a while since my streaming but it’s a good option for TV shows. One very good advantage is that is all free.
  • WATCH TV SERIES NET- this site is exclusively dedicated to TV shows and series. They provide with a wide variety of shows and series to stream from. They have from Game of Thrones to FRIENDS, almost all the shows in every genre. The website includes shows from the most popular to least popular.
  • 123MOVIES- this is considered as one of the best alternatives to Coke and Popcorn. They have a huge collection of movies and experiences the most traffic compared to other websites. However, users do not any lags due to live streaming. But again this website is also banned in many countries due to privacy issues.

All these above-mentioned websites are very good options for streaming online. As Coke and Popcorn are permanently banned in all the countries you can freely and safely browse in any of the above sites. They are all free and thus can be streamed without glitches. Most of these websites categorize their movies and shows according to the genre. Always look at the Top 100 or Top 200 lists these websites publish. The movie critics and experts release such list in order to enhance your movie viewing experience.